Siete venuti nel nostro ufficio? Avete trovato casa con noi? Questi sono i commenti di chi ha apprezzato il nostro lavoro. Fate sentire la vostra voce.

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    We purchased a house through Verde Abitare in July 2014. Maria Christina has provided great service throughout the entire process – she guided us through the intricacies and details of buying an Italian property, organised for a geometra to perform a building inspection, answered our many questions promptly, and worked with the previous owners to get to a satisfactory purchase price for both parties.
    Maria Christina’s excellent service has continued beyond the purchase – she has helped us to transfer the utilities into our names, set up access to utilities websites, provided contact details for English speaking tradespeople, and worked with the geometra to make changes in the land registry.
    And all the while with a smile!
    We would highly recommend Verde Arbitare and Maria Christina Oggero if you’re looking to sell or buy a property in the area.

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    Wir kauften im Herbst 2013 ein Haus über Verde Abitare. Maria Cristina Oggero bot, immer auch mit der nötigen Zurückhaltung, von allem Anfang an einen super Service! Wir hatten mit allen administrativen Angelegenheiten beim Kauf nichts zu tun. Dies ist nicht ganz unwesentlich in einem Land wo einiges etwas komplizierter sein kann und man die Sprache nicht beherrscht. Perfekt war dann auch die nachträgliche Betreuung, sie hält bis heute an. So etwa bezüglich den Anmeldungen für Wasser, Strom, Gas, Telefon, usw.!
    Zusammengefasst, wir sind sehr zufrieden wie mit M.C. Oggero alles gelaufen ist und schätzen uns glücklich diesen Hauskauf im Monferrato gemacht zu haben.

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    Between getting in touch with Maria Cristina and signing the deeds to the beautiful house she showed us the very first time we met, it was a mere six months, almost to the day. They say there is a lot of red tape in Italy, not if Signora Oggero is on hand. Tactful, patient and knowledgeable about the region of Monferrato, she has a fine sense for what the buyer wants. Not just a realtor, she is also a friend and a person with a big heart who really cares about her clients: before, during and long after all the formalities have been settled. You must have heard all those warnings about buying property in Italy, with Maria Cristina there is nothing to fear. The process couldn’t be easier as she has it down to a fine art. Her sense of humour and punctuality take the sting out of what is for most people a nerve-racking experience. If you want a spot of unspoiled rural Italy, ‘the real deal’, then Signora Oggero is your best bet!

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